Alar Reduction

Impeccable suturing bids worries about
scarring goodbye!

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What is GNG Alar Reduction?

  • A nose with broad alar not only has big nostrils but also makes your nasal bridge flat. In this instance, alar reduction procedure can reduce the overall width of your alar.

    At GNG, alar reduction procedure is conducted only after precise examinations and diagnosis from specialists whom make surgery plan for each individual depending on individual patient’s facial balance.
    The vast experience and know how our specialists possess also carry out impeccable suture to prevent scarring.

GNG Alar Reduction Surgery method

  • Generally, only width of alar is reduced during alar reduction procedure, however as each individual possess different size of nostrils and columella, general procedure method will not give satisfying result.

    At GNG, we seek for the best proportion for each individual with condition of each patient in mind to deliver higher degree of completion in surgery.

  • Alar


  • Incision method

    If nostrils are big and
    columella width is average

    If non-incisional procedure is done for the nose with big nostrils, there’s high chance of recurrence.
    To minimize this, incision method is used to remove unwanted alar skin and sutured. Impeccable suture is performed to prevent scarring.

    Remove unwanted alar skin

    Fine incision and delicate suture
    minimize scarring

    • Distinct features of
      incision method

    • Effective for patients with big nostrils

      Correction can be made despite of thick alar skin

      Size of nostrils can be controlled freely

  • Non-incisional method

    If columella is wide and
    nostrils are not too big

    If incision method is done for the nose with wide columella and not too big nostrils, it could make breathing difficult as nostrils are narrowed.
    To prevent this, non-incisional method is used to knot and fasten alar and columella at once to reduce the width of both.

    Columella and alar are knotted
    and fastened together

    Width of alar and columella
    are reduced at once

    • Distinct features of
      non-incisional method

    • Width of alar and columella can be changed together

      Fast recovery as it is non-incisional procedure

      No nasal congestion as nostrils are not reduced

      No scarring

Advantage of GNG Alar Reduction

  • 01

    1. Minimize scarring

    If suture is not done properly, the chance of scarring gets higher for alar reduction procedure. At GNG, alar reduction procedure is performed only by ENT specialists with surgical knowhow and vast experience in nasal surgeries. Suture is delicately and densely done to minimize scarring as much as possible.

  • 02

    2. Ideal nose line

    At GNG, we create best nose line with overall face ratio in mind. Aside from that, we strive for higher degree of completion in our surgery by conducting other surgeries such as nasal bridge and tip rhinoplasty at once if it is required.

GNG Thorough Physical Examination

For patients’ safety and to make an accurate surgery plan, we perform precise body examinations including: nasal endoscopy, x-rays, and 3D CT scans.

GNG Alar Reduction Recommended CASE

1 Broad alar makes your
face look flat

2 You wish to narrow alar
without worrying about

3 You wish to have
sophisticated appearance

4 You want ideal nose
line for your face

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Positive pressure system equipped in all surgery rooms

    What is a positive pressure surgery room?

    It blocks out the air from the outside into the surgery room.

    Therefore, the contaminated germ isn’t able to come inside the surgery room. Accordingly, people can get their operations safely without any concern of viruses such as MERS, SARS and Covid-19.

    Additionally, the surgery room is equipped with a sterile air shower system at the entrance. GNG is continuously working hard to keep all instruments sterilized and making the cleanest environment for our patients!

    Don’t worry! It’s a germ-free zone, GNG’s surgery room!

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