Creates natural and
beautiful nose line
Without any artificial implants

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What is
GNG’s No-Plant Rhinoplasty?

No-Implant Rhinoplasty is

a method of heightening the nasal bridge
by using self or donated cartilage and dermis

without any artificial implants such as silicone or gore-tex.

Therefore, there will be no side effects that can be seen when using artificial implants
and it will definitely create natural looking nose.

GNG’s No-Plant Rhinoplasty Methods


  • 무보형물 코성형

    Septal Cartilage

    The septum has a proper thickness and strength and it is very suitable for creating the shape of the nose bridge/tip.

  • 무보형물 코성형

    Conchal Cartilage

    Conchal cartilage is very soft to make the shape into a natural and smooth looking appearance.

  • 무보형물 코성형

    Rib Cartilage

    Rib cartilage is firm enough to build the nose with strong bearing capability.

  • 무보형물 코성형

    Dermis near the Hip

    The dermis taken from the hip is the thickest dermis of our body. It is used to design the shape of the nose to balance the face.

Usage of Living Implant

(when complication with
autologous tissue)

  • 무보형물 코성형
  • Donated Dermis / Donated Cartilage

    When the situation cannot be solved with autologous tissue, donated dermis/cartilage can be considered. It is the most safe product approved by the FDA and it has been proven to be clinically safe when treating burn patients for many decades.

  • Ratio of Actual Surgery Patients at GNG

    The percentage of patients who underwent the rhinoplasty is about equal for implant and no-plant. In recent years, there has been a rapid growth of interest in no-plant rhinoplasty among many patients that are in need to have more natural looking nose line.

  • 무보형물 코성형

Why patients chose
No-Plant Rhinoplasty!

무보형물 코성형 무보형물 코성형

The patient underwent implant rhinoplasty
which created a see through effect and artificial line.

Therefore, the nose was re-operated with no-plant method.

무보형물 코성형

GNG Hospital
for No-Plant Rhinoplasty?


More than 16,249 cases of

No-Plant Rhinoplasty!

At GNG Hospital,
we have about 16,249 cases of
No-Implant Rhinoplasty.

It is a high rate of no-plant cases
among hospital based medical facilities.

GNG Hospital was selected as most used Megaderm hospital,
which is one of the surgical materials of human dermal tissue.
GNG doctors have numerous experiences and know-how,
therefore, we are proud to let our patients know that we have positive surgery results.

  • As of December 2023,

    high rate

    무보형물 코성형
  • Human Dermal Tissue(Megadem)

    Certification of most used
    Megaderm for operations

    무보형물 코성형


No-plant rhinoplasty through
advanced technology

Patent for “No-Plant Rhinoplasty”!

GNG Hospital obtained a patent for No-Plant Rhinoplasty after years of continuous efforts and studies towards advanced technology.
We have gained the patent to further strengthen the idea and the need of no-plant rhinoplasty.
We will continue to be the pioneer of no-plant method of rhinoplasty.

무보형물 코성형


Prevention of absorption

due to finely diced cartilage
used as powder.

The percentage of revision surgery due to absorption

There were many cases of absorption when only using the dermis.
At GNG, we have many surgical experiences that accumulated in the past to be sure that using the cartilage
as a powder will lower the rate of absorption. Therefore, re-operation due to absorption happens very rarely.

무보형물 코성형
  • 무보형물 코성형

    ▶ 본원에서 진피만 사용 후 흡수되어 재수술 한 실제 케이스

  • When only dermis is used,

    Nose can become uneven and
    bumpy when it is not absorbed evenly
    when absorption occurs.

    ▶ Image of an actual case


Creation of the perfect nose line

by dicing and grinding the cartilage to a powder form.

At GNG Hospital we grind the cartilage finely
into a powder.

Pro for Ground cartilage
into a powder form

  • When cartilage is implanted as whole

    무보형물 코성형

    ▼ 1 year post surgery with dermis only

    무보형물 코성형

    Nose bridge may bend

    Nose bridge may become stiff

    Not so perfect nose line

    Unnatural effect after 1-2 years

    As the capsules surrounding the cartilage dissolve,
    the cartilage will reveal through the skin

  • When cartilage is diced and grinded

    무보형물 코성형

    Almost no chance of sagging

    Almost no chance of stiffness

    An ideal nose line

    Surgery is not visibly apparent

    → As the capsules surrounding the cartilage dissolve,
    the cartilage will not reveal through the skin

  • Experienced in Cartilage Grinding

    Grinding method is widely used internationally.
    It definitely requires more effort and time consuming so it is not much recommended and used in Korea.

    However, at GNG Hospital, we have experienced medical practitioners to give
    our patients the utmost satisfactory results.

Process of Cartilage Harvest for No-Plant Rhinoplasty

무보형물 코성형 무보형물 코성형


Natural nose line and sense of

actual skin

When it is attracted with the skin, the grinded cartilage does not appear in the X-Ray or CT Scan.
It will feel soft without any effects of artificial implants.

  • 무보형물 코성형
  • 무보형물 코성형


Rare cases of side effects

that may occur just like when artificial implants are used

  • 무보형물 코성형

    It can be used for the thin nasal tip
    because the grinded cartilage will attract with the skin

  • 무보형물 코성형

    No rejection will occur
    since no artificial implant is used

  • 무보형물 코성형

    No deformity since the grinded cartilage will perceive as its own skin

  • 무보형물 코성형

    It will create more firm structured nose since the cartilage and dermis will cover up the bone

Q&A for No-Plant Rhinoplasty

Q. Does it really not show up in CT & X-Ray?

A. They are not visible on X-Rays and CT in airports or hospitals when donated dermis/cartilage are used
since it is the same material as the actual human dermis or cartilage.

Q. Is the donated dermis/cartilage considered safe?

A. It is approved by the U.S. FDA and Korea Food & Drug Administration.
It is characterized as excellent suitability and safety.

Q. I am a foreign study abroad student and it is difficult to go to the hospital outside Korea.
Therefore, I am afraid that it will cause inflammation after the surgery.

A. Our patients who have undergone surgery at GNG did not experience inflammation after one month.
It is recommended for patients who have difficulties for doctor’s visits.


  • 무보형물 코성형

    Patients who want
    natural looking nose shape

  • 무보형물 코성형

    Patients who do not
    prefer artificial implants

  • 무보형물 코성형

    Patients with continuous
    infection and inflammation

  • 무보형물 코성형

    Patients with crooked and hooked nose
    who want natural nose line

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Usage of the HEPA filter ventilation system in all operation rooms.

    What is a HEPA filter ventilated operation room?

    The air outside the operating room is filtered cleanly by the HEPA filter and circulated inside.

    Because air is circulated by providing clean air through a positive pressure system, you don’t need to worry about infection caused by air pollution thus having surgery with confidence.

    Also, there is an air-shower system that shakes off contaminated dust before entering the operating room. We strive to do our best in preventing infection through sterilization and thorough infection control of all medical devices.

    Be rest assured! GNG’s operation rooms are meticulously clean.

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