GNG Intensive Postoperative Recovery

GNG’s intensive postoperative recovery system & pain management
programs ensure the safety of patients and yield satisfactory surgical results

CARE 01. Inpatient Management System

For the safety of patients, they are first transferred to an intensive recovery room to receive 1:1 postoperative care. Once they are fully recovered, they are then transferred to a spacey and comfortable private hospital room.

  • Intensive care in recovery room

    Patients are not sent to the hospital ward immediately after anesthesia. Instead, they receive 1~4 hours of intensive care in the recovery room until blood pressure and breathing are stabilized.

  • Wide and comfortable private hospital room

    GNG is a hospital-based medical institution with 31 hospital rooms. For the comfort of patients, all rooms are private so that patients can relax, rest well and recover.

CARE 02. Swelling/Recovery Management System

The outcome of the surgery can vary significantly depending on the skill of the specialist and also how the postoperative care is conducted. GNG Hospital provides satisfactory results through systematic and professional de-swelling treatments.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is done in a hyperbaric chamber filled with 100% oxygen to stimulate areas where treatment is specifically needed. In addition, high-pressure oxygen saturates hemoglobin in the blood and increases the speed of the healing process to provide faster recovery.

  • Infrared Ray Therapy

    Infrared therapy helps sensory nerves and with muscle relaxation, disinfection, sterilization, as well as pain relief. It also promotes active blood circulation as the ray is deeply penetrates the skin up to 40mm, helping with the cell-strengthening action. It is also effective in treating various wounds and diseases.

  • High Frequency Treatment

    High Frequency management helps the circulation of blood and eases swelling through micro-fat burning which penetrates into the dermis. In addition, skin tissue regeneration is promoted to manage elasticity/lifting while improving wrinkles.

GNG Hospital Treatment Schedule

We provide specialized post-surgery treatments in order to help the patients to return to daily life quickly.

※ There might difference depending on individuals or the surgery method.

※ There might difference depending on individuals or the surgery method.

※ There might difference depending on individuals or the surgery method.