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From dull and dark eyes
to bright eyes!

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What is GNG Under Eye Fat Procedure?

  • When the fat around the eyes is excessively accumulated or sunken, the eyes underneath appear dull and gives a tired impression. In this case, we perform procedures such as Under Eye Fat Grafting to fill up more fat under the eyes, Under Eye Fat Removal to remove excess fat, and Under Eye Fat Repositioning to even out the fat under the eyes. To ensure excellent surgery results with a high degree of completion, a precise analysis must be made to consider the characteristics of each patient’s eyes and to carry out the specific surgery method.

GNG Eyebag Surgery Procedures
depend on the condition of the eyes

Under Eye Fat Grafting

  • Not enough fat
    under the eyes

    Thin skin
    under the eyes makes
    veins visible

    under the eyes gives a
    tired impression

    Dark circles are prominent when veins are visible due to lack of fat or thin skin, which then makes the under-eye tone darker. In this case, the patient’s own fat was extracted and injected to improve the on the darkness under the eyes.

Under Eye Fat Removal

  • Excess fat
    under the eyes

    Weakened orbital
    diaphragm causing eye fat
    to protrude and droop.

    dark circles under the

    If under eye fat is excessively formed or if the orbital diaphragm supporting the fat loses its elasticity, the fat layer gets pushed forward and causes under eye fat to protrude which then gives a tired facial impression. Under Eye Fat Removal procedure removes and corrects this protruded under eye fat and gives one a brighter and energetic impression.

Under Eye Fat Repositioning

  • Bumpy
    under eye fat

    Lacrimal groove
    is dented

    Dark under eyes
    causes one to appear
    tired or depressed

    Under Eye Fat Repositioning procedure is a surgery to flatten out the fat underneath the eyes that have a bulging protuberance, wrinkles or shadowing which makes one to appear more aged. The bumpy fat layer and lacrimal groove is evenly spread out to transform your appearance to look brighter and youthful.

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

  • Saggy skin
    under the eyes

    Droopy fat layer
    under the eyes makes
    one look tired

    dark circles
    due to droopy skin

    Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty is performed if the skin and fatty tissue are sagging due in part of the aging process. This procedure improves upon dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes to create a more youthful appearance. Unlike Under Eye Fat Repositioning/Removal procedures, the incision is made along the lower eyelash line and corrected.

Advantage of GNG Under Eye Fat procedure

Point 1 Strengthens the orbital septum to prevent recurrence

If only fat is removed or repositioned during under eye procedures, there is high chance of recurrence.
At GNG, the stretched and weakened orbital septum is strengthened to prevent further recurrence.

  • Stretched and weakened
    orbital septum

  • Orbital septum is tightly pulled down to strengthen and fastened

  • Smooth under eye line
    with little to no chance of recurrence

Point 2 Conjunctival incision for fast recovery without a scar!

  • GNG Eyebag Surgery procedures make an incision in the conjunctiva of the eye so that the recovery of the wound is fast. For this reason, you can expect bright looking eyes without worrying about scarring. In addition, our sophisticated laser incision minimizes swelling by reducing bleeding, thus swelling can be minimized.

Point 3 Anti-aging effect!

We can present a bright and vigorous looking impression instead of a dark and tired look stemming from uneven fat under the eyes.
The procedures also improve dark circles under the eyes and minor wrinkles for more of the anti-aging effect!

Sedation+ local anesthesia is administered at the same time for patients who feel anxious about pain and anesthesia.

To minimize anxiousness about pain and anesthesia before surgery, GNG anesthesiologist administers light sedation and then local anesthesia to minimize pain and stress from before to completion of surgery.

GNG Eyebag Surgery Recommended CASES

1 Bumpiness under the eyes causes
a dark appearance

2 Increasing wrinkles
makes you look older

3 Dark circles under the eyes
makes you look tired

4 Unable to conceal darkness
under eyes even with make up

GNG blepharoplasty offers thorough post operation care!

Regardless of the type of surgery, the result of it will differ depending on the type of after care services offered post operation. At GNG, we offer de-swelling treatments after blepharoplasty to promote quick recovery.

  • Infrared Ray Treatment

    Infrared Ray Treatment

    Infrared Ray Treatment helps enhance circulation in the skin, ease pain, relive inflammation and protect against oxidative stress.

    It penetrates deep up to 40 mm beneath your skin to promote cell growth and effectively help with cuts, bruises and treatment of illnesses.

  • De-swelling injection

    De-swelling injection

    Most swelling naturally subsides as time goes, but depending on patient’s physical constitution, swelling may last longer

    At GNG, we provide de-swelling injection to promote good circulation of blood to subside swelling quicker.

  • Heat/cold pack provided

    Heat/cold pack provided

    GNG Hospital provides complimentary heat/cold pack for better after care at home.

    The heat pack helps increase supply of nutrients to damaged skin tissue to relive inflammation and prevent bleeding. It also soothes muscle that was tensed up during surgery.

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Usage of the HEPA filter ventilation system in all operation rooms.

    What is a HEPA filter ventilated operation room?

    The air outside the operating room is filtered cleanly by the HEPA filter and circulated inside.

    Because air is circulated by providing clean air through a positive pressure system, you don’t need to worry about infection caused by air pollution thus having surgery with confidence.

    Also, there is an air-shower system that shakes off contaminated dust before entering the operating room. We strive to do our best in preventing infection through sterilization and thorough infection control of all medical devices.

    Be rest assured! GNG’s operation rooms are meticulously clean.

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