GNG Luxury Nose
Rhinoplasty for the

Perfect Nose

Creating a flawless line from the bridge to the tip!

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  • #Bulbous Nose

  • #Upturned Nose

  • #Short Nose

Is there any surgery
Perfect for these cases?

The procedure on a whole new level,
GNG Perfect Nose Rhinoplasty

What is GNG's Perfect Rhinoplasty?

The Benefits of GNG Perfect Nose Rhinoplasty

01 Two incredible effects on the tip of one’s
nose with autologous rib cartilage

#Strong #Strudy Autologous Rib Cartilage

  • Effect 01

    Lowering the Upturned Nose!

    The effect that lengthens a short nose!

  • Effect 02

    Defining the Tip of the Nose!

    The effect that straightens a bulbous nose line!

02 A Perfect Combination:
Silicone + Autologous Rib Cartilage

  • #Strong autologous cartilage

    #Less absorption

    #Less sides effect and safe autologous material

    #Sleek Implant

    #A structure perfectly suited for the patient's nose

    No more worries of
    post-surgery defects!

  • GNG Perfect Nose Rhinoplasty Patient

03 GNG’s precise incisional method assures:
Minimal Incision, Pain, and Scars!

Less swellig and pain on the face!
With GNG’s precise incisional method, say goodbye to embarrassing scars!

Barely Noticeable Incisional Area

  • The general autologous harvesting incision

  • GNG’s precise autologous harvesting incision

The nose that everybody wants!
Now it’s your turn!

Material Used for the Tip of the Nose
Septal/Ear Cartilage VS Autologous Rib Cartilage

  • VS

Our philosophy stresses getting it right the first time
GNG Hospital strives to change the paradigm of
autogolous rib rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty using autologous rib cartilage is avoided by people due to scars, anesthesia, and the recovery period.
By minimizing our patient's concerns, GNG offers a beautiful nose line with an effective and safe autologous rib rhinoplasty.

Smooth, heightened, and defined bridge!

GNG Perfect Nose Rhinoplasty Info