Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty

3 steps to transform your bulbous nose
to a slim and refined nose

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What is GNG Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty?

  • A bulbous nose can be commonly found among Asians and its stumpy and flat appearance doesn’t give a sophisticated appearing.

    GNG Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty goes through a 3-step corrections process to create a slender nose to improve your facial aesthetics. If required, alar cartilage trimming and alar reduction procedures will be carried out for a perfectly proportional nose.

Advantages of GNG Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty

Point 1 Definite change of front facial view – 3 step solutions to fix a bulbous nose!

There are many cases where the patients who went through a rhinoplasty for a bulbous nose feel that their nose looks pinched up.
This is due to their surgeries performed without removing subcutaneous fat. At GNG, we conduct precise 3D CT scans and photo analysis before surgery to measure the thickness of the nasal skin. We then proceed with 3 step solutions to correct the nasal cartilage and the thickness of the skin to deliver a definite change of the front and even side views of the face.

  • STEP1

    Remove subcutaneous fat

    Remove subcutaneous fat

    Subcutaneous fat is removed
    to create slimmer nasal skin.

  • STEP2

    Own/donated cartilage

    Septal cartilage

    Project nose tip

    Septal cartilage is inserted as support and additional cartilage is placed on the top of the septum.

  • STEP3

    Fasten tip of alar cartilage

    Heavyset nasal tip of alar cartilage is firmly fastened to the septal cartilage

Point 2 Find the perfect proportional balance and conduct additional procedures if necessary

We conduct thorough examinations prior to surgery to find the perfect proportional balance for each individual.
If required, additional procedures will be performed to deliver a more satisfying result.

Trim the tip of

alar cartilage
If you have excessive alar cartilage,
it will be
trimmed to reduce the size.

Remove part of
alar cartilage


If you have wide alar, excision is made in the boundary line
to remove skin and sutured in a way to minimize scarring.



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Point 3 Nasal tip implant best suited for each individual is selected!

Prior to surgery, GNG Hospital analyzes the amount and solidity of cartilage through a 3D-CT scan.
After examinations, the best material for surgery is selected and implanted on the nasal tip.
With our seasoned methods, we minimize the chance of inflammation and provide top of the line after care to lessen scarring.

  • Septal cartilage

    Excellent material to use as support to the nasal bridge in a rhinoplasty.
    No additional incisions are required as it is extracted from the inner nose.

  • Ear cartilage

    Material used to create a natural look and to project the nasal tip.
    Easy to extract and as the incision for extraction is made behind the ear, scarring is barely visible.

  • Rib cartilage

    Large amount of cartilage can be extracted from ribs and chance of inflammation is slim making it versatile.
    Skin is sutured cleanly to minimize scarring.

GNG Thorough Physical Examination

For our patient’s safety and an accurate surgery plan, we perform precise body examinations including nasal endoscopy, X-rays, and 3D CT Scans.

GNG Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty Recommended Cases

1 Bulbous nasal tip
doesn’t make your face
appear proportional

2 Nose with thick
skin tissue

3 Stumpy nose makes
your face look bigger

4 You want to improve
functional/ aesthetic
aspects of your nose

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Usage of the HEPA filter ventilation system in all operation rooms.

    What is a HEPA filter ventilated operation room?

    The air outside the operating room is filtered cleanly by the HEPA filter and circulated inside.

    Because air is circulated by providing clean air through a positive pressure system, you don’t need to worry about infection caused by air pollution thus having surgery with confidence.

    Also, there is an air-shower system that shakes off contaminated dust before entering the operating room. We strive to do our best in preventing infection through sterilization and thorough infection control of all medical devices.

    Be rest assured! GNG’s operation rooms are meticulously clean.

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