Nasal Bridge+Tip

Perfect Ratio to balance
my facial structure!

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GNG’s Nasal Bridge +Tip Rhinoplasty

The nose creates a huge impact on person’s appearance and impression.

GNG’s nasal bridge + tip rhinoplasty is

performed by adjusting the line, height and angle according to each patient’s facial ratio,
therefore, individuals can get the satisfactory results.

GNG Hospital for

Nasal Bridge + Tip Rhinoplasty?


We create according to the facial harmony and proportion

Nose line, height
and angle can be adjusted freely
to create that perfect look!

For successful outcome,

a systematic process should be planned to find that perfect shape that will suit the patient rather than following the trends.

Because of this,

we end up with satisfactory
surgical results.


We create the perfect support
for the nasal tip

Nasal tip that does not
get lowered over time!

  • The nasal tip is composed of cartilage and soft tissues.
    It is characterized as weak support structure,
    therefore, by simply putting the cartilage at the tip
    may lower the nasal tip over the period of time.

    At GNG, both 1+2 are performed to support the nasal tip firmly.

    The goal is to keeping the nasal tip
    not to go lower over the period of time.


When septal cartilage is used at the tip,

we minimize the resection to prevent
side effects
such as perforation!

Septal cartilage is used as nose tip material nose tip end support.
GNG only uses the minimal amount which the surgery must be performed by specially trained medical practitioners.

  • Extreme Removal of
    Septal Cartilage

    Since the cartilage became weaker and emptier, the nasal tip may become saggy and lowered over the period of time.

    There may be a risk of perforation during the septum resection.

  • Minimal Removal of
    Septal Cartilage

    At GNG, the septal cartilage is minimally removed, therefore, it is less likely to get saggy or lowered over the period of time and also can bear the weight of any implants.

    It prevents the risk of perforation in the septum.


If the skin is thin
we cover once more with the dermis,

to prevent the visible implant!

  • If the skin seems to be thin,
    the implant can be exposed to through the skin after the surgery.

    Therefore, at GNG, we cover once more with the dermis
    to prevent that from happening.


Experienced medical practitioners

who are experts in the anatomy of the nasal structure

The nose is placed in the middle of the facial structure which takes the crucial role.

It also deals with olfactory and respiration functions.
Therefore, it is extremely important to consider hospitals very carefully for functional aspects also.

Based on our experienced knowledge,
GNG is made up of skilled medical practitioners
to ensure the satisfactory surgical outcomes.