Forehead Reduction Surgery

Completion of a small forehead
and beautiful hairline without bangs

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What is GNG Forehead Reduction Surgery?

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    NO Forehead reduction surgery that only narrows the forehead!

    A design that considers the front, side,
    and overall proportions of the face creates
    a natural and pretty forehead.


    Hairline correction at the same time as forehead reduction

    Correct the desired hairline shape
    while performing forehead reduction surgery.


    Face reduction effect

    Because the forehead is directly excised
    and reduced,the effect of actually making
    the face smaller can be expected.

Advantages of Forehead Reduction Surgery

Point 1

Conservative surgery is performed based on accumulated surgical experience over long period of time.

  • Preservation of hair roots

    The incision is made obliquely in the opposite directionof the hairline to prevent damage to the hair root and to allow the hair to grow over the scar in the future.

  • Supraorbital nerve preservation

    A detailed and delicate forehead incision prevents damage to the supraorbital nerve.
    If the supraorbital nerve is damaged, headaches and paresthesia may occur, so you need to have a surgeon with experience in surgery to get a satisfactory result.

Point 2

Prevent the incision from spreading by fixing it firmly

Securely fix the forehead in the opposite direction
to the opening to prevent the incision from spreading.

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ji-Soo Kim

As it is a complex medical procedure, it requires highly skilled and experienced specialists,
reducing risks of surgical incision breaks along sutures (aka dehiscence) and giving patients
satisfying results.


Forehead Reduction Surgery recommended case

  • If you want to reduce the size of your face because your face looks big with a wide and long forehead

  • If you are concern about a square forehead, M-shaped forehead, or irregular hairline

  • If your forehead looks wider due to thinning hair

  • If the forehead is still wide after forehead reduction and hair transplantation

  • If your hair looks bald due to a lying forehead head

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Usage of the HEPA filter ventilation system in all operation rooms.

    What is a HEPA filter ventilated operation room?

    The air outside the operating room is filtered cleanly by the HEPA filter and circulated inside.

    Because air is circulated by providing clean air through a positive pressure system, you don’t need to worry about infection caused by air pollution thus having surgery with confidence.

    Also, there is an air-shower system that shakes off contaminated dust before entering the operating room. We strive to do our best in preventing infection through sterilization and thorough infection control of all medical devices.

    Be rest assured! GNG’s operation rooms are meticulously clean.

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