Nasal Congestion Surgery + Rhinoplasty

Correct nasal congestion and
improve the nasal line

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What is
GNG Nasal Congestion Surgery + Rhinoplasty?

GNG Nasal Congestion surgery + Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that resolves symptoms of chronic nasal congestion while at the same time straightening the nasal line to improve both functional and aesthetic aspects of the nose.

Correcting the deviated septum,
the main cause of severe nasal obstruction!

The main cause of severe nasal obstruction is neither rhinitis or hypertrophic turbinate.
It is caused by a deviated septum.
At GNG, we correct the main problem which is a deviated septum, so nasal obstruction is cleared and a more ideal nasal line is created.

Main cause of severe nasal obstruction

If you are considering rhinoplasty

but you experience nasal congestion when breathing normally, exercising, lying down, and/or sleeping,

you must go through tests to check if you have a deviated septum.

get Nasal Congestion Surgery + Rhinoplasty done at GNG Hospital?


Rhinoplasty (nasal tip+bridge) is conducted after correcting deviated septum to
Prevent recurrence of nasal obstruction and deformation of nose shape.

If rhinoplasty is performed without deviated septum correction

To prevent change of nasal line over time and to prevent nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty,

Septoplasty must be performed the same time as rhinoplasty.

Statistics based on questionnaires from patients who had a rhinoplasty in spite of having nasal congestion


For severe nasal obstruction with nasal valve congestion,
Highly complex Septoplasty + Nasal valve reconstruction will be performed together!

You can experience nasal obstruction if the nasal valve is narrow, therefore nasal valve reconstruction surgery is performed to reconstruct and enable patients to breathe with comfort.

If you have nasal obstruction with nasal valve congestion, Septoplasty and Nasal Valve Reconstruction surgeries are performed together to improve symptoms of congestion to ensure satisfying surgery outcomes.

What is a nasal valve?

The nasal valve is a space that acts like the roof of the septum. It is also the core area that controls breathing.
Therefore even the smallest decrease in width of the nasal valve structure can cause stuffiness due to nasal obstruction.

Correcting septum deviation while conducting nasal valve reconstruction surgery is a complex and high-level surgery method as it makes corrections from the base of the nose.

At GNG, only highly experienced ENT specialists with anatomical knowledge of the nose carry out the procedure.

Septoplasty + Nasal Valve Reconstruction surgeries

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Functional + Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

Where should I get a functional + aesthetic rhinoplasty done?

The Basic Principle of Functional Surgery (Nasal Congestion)

Functional + Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

GNG Hospital is the solution to
functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty!

Functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty surgeries do not simply get resolved by joint surgery as each of these is considered an advanced surgery.

GNG Hospital possesses advanced techniques in
both areas of rhinoplasty

Advanced techniques in all areas of rhinoplasty is required
to bring satisfactory results to the internal and external structure of the nose.

GNG Hospital has vast experience in both surgeries

We have experience and prognosis based on vast clinical demonstration
in both in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty.

GNG’s Safe Materials for Rhinoplasty

Autologous Materials

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    Nasal Septum Cartilage

    Nasal Septum Cartilage is suitable to make the nose bridge and the nose tip the right thickness and shape.

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    Ear Cartilage

    Ear Cartilage that is used to make a natural shape for the nose is taken from the inside part of the ear, which can not be seen from the outside

  • gnghospital

    Rib Cartilage

    Rib Cartilage that is harvested from the tip of the rib is strong there for it is sturdy enough to support the shape of the nose

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    Dermis around hip

    Autologous Dermis will be used to make the shape of the nose bridge designed to match the overall facial balance

Non-self organized materials

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  • Donated dermis/ Donated cartilage

    It is approved by the FDA and has excellent tissue suitability. This has been proven clinically since decades ago and has been used in General Surgery Department, Plastic Surgery Hospital, dermatology (burn), Obstetrics and Gynecology etc.

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    PCL Plate, the same materials used for filler, lifting thread, has been approved by FDA that it barely has side effects by being well fused with the surrounding tissue, with few side effects.

There is no ‘best material in terms with rhinoplasty.
Each and every material has different characteristics, so it is important that they should be well-aware and use them by combining the materials, suitable for the patient.

At GNG hospital, when you have rhinoplasty, we decide to choose the right materials suitable for the person’s condition, we optimize the best results of the nose surgery, maximizing the strengths and complementing the weaknesses of each material.

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Usage of the HEPA filter ventilation system in all operation rooms.

    What is a HEPA filter ventilated operation room?

    The air outside the operating room is filtered cleanly by the HEPA filter and circulated inside.

    Because air is circulated by providing clean air through a positive pressure system, you don’t need to worry about infection caused by air pollution thus having surgery with confidence.

    Also, there is an air-shower system that shakes off contaminated dust before entering the operating room. We strive to do our best in preventing infection through sterilization and thorough infection control of all medical devices.

    Be rest assured! GNG’s operation rooms are meticulously clean.

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