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No more eyes that makes you look older!
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What is GNG Youthful Eyes Surgery?

  • According to one study, about 70 percent of people said the very first thing they notice from a person is the eyes. The shape of eyes are important as it determines the person’s overall impression. GNG youthful eyes surgery procedure is carried out according to proportion of sagging area, degree and facial features to help patients overcome worries of aging and dissatisfaction.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper Blepharoplasty removes drooping eyelid skin and pulls the eyelid muscle to fix the cause of droopy eyelids. It also improves the problem of less visibility of eyelid crease due to fine wrinkles and saggy skin.

Lower Blephroplasty

Lower Blepharoplasty procedure is recommended if skin and fat under eyes get saggy and protruded, which makes one to appear depressed. The procedure is particularly effective in creating elastic and youthful-looking eyes and also improve both dark circles and wrinkles.

Brow lift

Brow lift is a suitable procedure for patients with thick eyelid skin or droopiness present in the middle part of the eyelids. It also gives lifting effect as your eyelids feel lighter and opening of eyelids get easier, allowing patients to see better.

GNG Youthful Eyes Surgery method

Upper Blepharoplasty

Lower Blepharopalsty

Brow lift

If the space in-between eyes and eyebrows are wide – incision below eyebrow line

If the space in-between eyes and eyebrows are narrow – incision above eyebrow line

Advantage of GNG Youthful Eyes Surgery

Point 1 We present more youthful looking eyes!

The biggest worry that patients have is ‘what if after eyelid surgery, I look fierce and cold?’
GNG Youthful eye surgery naturally raises droopy eyelid skin to reveal natural eyelid
creasethat was concealed due to aging process. It also gently smoothens uneven eyelid
crease line to give youthful and mild face impression.
In addition, it also prevents wrinkles in forehead and between eyebrows as patients
no longer feel the need to use forehead muscle to keep their eyes open.

Point 2 Correction of functional parts of eyes

As the skin ages over time, the eyelid skin will sag and cause droopiness of eyelid skin
that constantly affects one’s field of vision.
Severe droopiness of eyelid skin can cause irritation and inflammation.
GNG Youthful eyes surgery not only corrects droopy eyelids to ensure more visual field,
but also takes steps to prevent inflammation so that patients feel satisfied after surgery.

Sedation+ local anesthesia is administered at the same time for patients who feel anxious about pain and anesthesia.

To minimize anxiousness about pain and anesthesia before surgery, GNG anesthesiologist administers light sedation and then local anesthesia to minimize pain and stress from before to completion of surgery.

GNG Youthful Eyes Recommended CASE

1 Droopy eyelid skin
makes you appear older

2 Uneven eyelid crease line
due to aging process

3 Droopy eyelid tails
due to aging process

4 Droopy eyelids affect
field of vision

GNG blepharoplasty offers thorough post operation care!

Regardless of the type of surgery, the result of it will differ depending on the type of after care services offered post operation. At GNG, we offer de-swelling treatments after blepharoplasty to promote quick recovery.

  • Infrared Ray Treatment

    Infrared Ray Treatment

    Infrared Ray Treatment helps enhance circulation in the skin, ease pain, relive inflammation and protect against oxidative stress.

    It penetrates deep up to 40 mm beneath your skin to promote cell growth and effectively help with cuts, bruises and treatment of illnesses.

  • De-swelling injection

    De-swelling injection

    Most swelling naturally subsides as time goes, but depending on patient’s physical constitution, swelling may last longer

    At GNG, we provide de-swelling injection to promote good circulation of blood to subside swelling quicker.

  • Heat/cold pack provided

    Heat/cold pack provided

    GNG Hospital provides complimentary heat/cold pack for better after care at home.

    The heat pack helps increase supply of nutrients to damaged skin tissue to relive inflammation and prevent bleeding. It also soothes muscle that was tensed up during surgery.

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Positive pressure system equipped in all surgery rooms

    What is a positive pressure surgery room?

    It blocks out the air from the outside into the surgery room.

    Therefore, the contaminated germ isn’t able to come inside the surgery room. Accordingly, people can get their operations safely without any concern of viruses such as MERS, SARS and Covid-19.

    Additionally, the surgery room is equipped with a sterile air shower system at the entrance. GNG is continuously working hard to keep all instruments sterilized and making the cleanest environment for our patients!

    Don’t worry! It’s a germ-free zone, GNG’s surgery room!

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