Facial Thread Lifting

A strong lifting procedure
that alleviates deep wrinkles and extreme sagging.

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GNG Facial Thread Lifting

  • By inserting a long thread and lifting the lower part and upper part of the facial dermis layer very tightly, it straightens out the sagging skin and wrinkles. It is also non-hazardous to the body because the thread melts within 6months of insertion.
    Since no incision is performed, one can do all daily life activities with no difficulty as soon as the procedure is finished.

The Strengths of GNG’s Facial Thread Lifting

Point 1 Strong Lift Despite Deep Wrinkles And Sagging Cheeks.

Since a long thread uplifts the skin,
a v-line can be achieved and deep wrinkles can be improved without
surgical procedures.

Point 2 Spiral cogs provide excellen holding power and long lasting effect

GNG uses threads with cogs.
Since the threads with cogs has a high adhesion rate to the skin.
The specialty of it is that the longevity and endurance increases.

Also as time passes as the thread starts to melt into the skin cells
Collagen is continuously dispensed into the skin.

Point 3 Personalized thread lifting dependent on skin condition

An experienced plastic surgeon will personalize the thread lifting based on everyone's unique skin.

GNG Facial Thread Lifting   VS   GNG Short Thread Lifting

  • GNG Facial Thread Lifting

  • GNG Facial Short Thread Lifting

  • Long Thread

  • Thread

  • Short Thread

  • Large Area of Lifting (full Face)

  • Area of Lifting

  • Only Area of Improvement (Partial)

  • Strong Lifting

  • Specialized

  • Detailed Lifting (Simple)

Anti-Aging Solution

Anti-aging effects are achieved quickly through simple procedures for each part of the face.
Especially when one receives accusculpt and threadlifting procedures at simultaneously
to improve a double chin or sagging chin line, once can expect to achieve a tighter V-line.

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Positive pressure system equipped in all surgery rooms

    What is a positive pressure surgery room?

    It blocks out the air from the outside into the surgery room.

    Therefore, the contaminated germ isn’t able to come inside the surgery room. Accordingly, people can get their operations safely without any concern of viruses such as MERS, SARS and Covid-19.

    Additionally, the surgery room is equipped with a sterile air shower system at the entrance. GNG is continuously working hard to keep all instruments sterilized and making the cleanest environment for our patients!

    Don’t worry! It’s a germ-free zone, GNG’s surgery room!

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