Straighten your deviated septum
and make your nose look more beautiful

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What is GNG Septhoplasty?

Since inner structure of nose is first strengthened
by straightening deviated septum before aesthetic rhinoplasty,
we are able to create stronger and more beautiful nose shape.

Beautiful nose
from the inside and out

GNG Septoplasty

Why should it be done the same timeyou do rhinoplasty?

If only rhinoplasty is performed when the septum is deviated,
there is limitation in creating ideally shaped nose


  • If you straighten and
    reinforce deviated septum,

    The bridge of nose becomes firmer,
    allowing your nose to be shaped better

    Less pressure despite high projection of nasal bridge

    If you want to project your nose bridge higher,
    the nasal bridge must be strong enough for support.

    Prevention of nasal bridge/tip deformation post-op

    If your septum isn’t firm enough, the shape of your nasal bridge
    and tip may change or become flat.


If rhinoplasty (tip, bridge) is performed after Septoplasty, the side effect of

septum deviation reoccurrence is preventable

  • If rhinoplasty is performed despite deviated septum

    The implants in nasal bridge and tip may bend.

    Septum may be deviated more over time.

    Difficult to project nose bridge higher.

    Patient who went through rhinoplasty without septoplasty resulted bent implant and required revision surgery ▶

  • ▲ Patient who went through rhinoplasty without septoplasty resulted bent implant and required revision surgery

Your nose may appear to be straight
but on the inside you could have deviated septum.
This must be precisely examined by 3D-CT and diagnosis by specialist.

▲ The case of patient who appears to have straight nose bridge,
but the septum is deviated on the inside


Crooked nose
with bent nose bridge and tip

has to undergo septoplasty
for proper correction

has to undergo septoplasty for proper correction.
For this reason, both rhinoplasty and septoplasty must be done for proper correction.


As the nose width is decreased and held up together,

hooked and broad nose is corrected precisely!

To improve and correct hooked/broad nose,
osteotomy is done to decrease width of nose bridge.
Deviated septum should also be corrected, for definite effect


Resolve septum deviation,

Use leftover septum cartilage to use as nose bridge!

Septum cartilage is the most ideal material to use as nose tip to support the nose bridge.

  • Deviated septum cartilage

  • Excise overproduced
    cartilage after correction

  • Implant excised septum cartilage
    in the tip of the nose

Why get septoplasty at GNG Hospital?

We possess advance technique to correct
and reinforce deviated septum!

At GNG, we not only straighten cartilage of deviated septum,
we also reinforce it so increase quality of completion for both function and aesthetic aspect.
However this is highly advanced technique that is difficult for specialists without vast experience in surgery.

Functional+ aesthetic rhinoplasty

Where should I get functional+ rhinoplasty done?

Basic principle of functional surgery (nasal congestion)

Functional+ aesthetic rhinoplasty

GNG Hospital is the solution to
functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty!

Functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty surgeries don’t simply get resolved by joint surgery as each of these is considered advanced surgery technique.

GNG Hospital possesses advanced technique in
both areas of rhinoplasty

Advanced technique in all area of rhinoplasty is required
to bring satisfactory results to inner and external structure of the nose.

GNG Hospital has vast experience in both surgeries

We have experience and prognosis based on vast clinical demonstration
in both in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty.