Upturned/Short nose

Whether your nose is upturned or short,
GNG offers wide range of customized surgery plans!

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What is GNG Upturned/short nose Rhinoplasty?

  • Upturned/short nose refers to the shape of nose where the nasal tip is turned upwards or the length of nose is short.

    GNG upturned/short nose Rhinoplasty precisely identifies problems and plan the best surgical plans out of many available. As all rhinoplasty is performed by specialists with vast experience and know-how, one can expect the most ideally shaped nose by ratio.

  • Diagnosis of upturned/short nose

    Upturned nose shows larger nasolabial angle than average nose when observed from the front. It is also upturned that your entire nostrils can be seen from the front and gives impression of a pig’s snout.
    For the case of short nose, nasolabial angle is not any different from average nose, but due to shortness in length,
    the proportion of nose is below 1/3 when observed from the front angle.

GNG Upturned/short nose surgery method

Since Upturned/short nose Rhinoplasty is a difficult surgery, precise analysis must be made for
correct diagnosis and customized surgery method must be planned to resolve the problem.
Through our differentiated surgery methods, we help patient discover the most ideal ratio for
their overall appearance.

  • 01|Nasal tip extension

    If your nose is short

    Your own/donated cartilage is used to create long support implant to extend the length of
    nose and firmly fastened.

  • 02|Lower alar cartilage

    If your nostrils upturned

    If only nostrils are upturned, alar cartilage is placed down
    and fastened to ensure nostrils is not

  • 03|Lower nasal tip

    If your nasal tip is upturned

    If nasal tip is upturned, septum cartilage is extracted, inserted as implant and fastened
    where nasal tip is located. After that, nasal tip is lowered.

Advantage of GNG upturned/short nose rhinoplasty

Point 1 Ideal ratio is considered before length is extended

  • The most important matters to consider in upturned/short nose rhinoplasty is the extent of nasal flesh extension as well as finding ideally shaped nose according to facial shape and ratio.

    At GNG, we have the skill to extract only minimum amount of septum cartilage to ensure proper functionality of nose. This allows unrestricted extension of nose. If nasal flesh is not enough, skin graft is performed to yield more satisfying result.

GNG’s know how

to enable sufficient nasal tip extension
with the most ideal ratio

Point 2 GNG upturned/short nose rhinoplasty has low recurrence rate as support cartilage is custom designed to control thickness of cartilage support.

The most worrisome part of upturned/short nose rhinoplasty is the chance of recurrence-and to prevent this, supporting cartilage must be firmly fastened. To enable this, GNG offers precise examinations to analyze problem and custom designing support cartilage. The strong support power provides little to no chance of recurrence.

Point 3 Minimal side-effect as artificial implant is not used

  • Artificial implants such as L shaped silicone is not used for upturned/short nose rhinoplasty at our hospital.
    To extend the length of nose, we use own/donated cartilage which is more strong and minimizes side effects such as inflammation.

GNG Thorough Physical Examination

For patient’s safety and accurate surgery plan, we perform precise body examination including nasal endoscopy, X-ray and 3D CT Scan.

GNG upturned/short nose
Recommend CASE

1 Face is not proportional
because of stubby nose

2 Visible nostrils because of
upturned nasal tip

3 Short nose that makes
nasal bridge look flat

4 Upturned nostril
makes your nose look like
snout of a dragon