Nasal Septum Correction

Minimum excision of septum to resolve nasal
congestion and facilitate fast recovery

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What is Nasal Septum Correction?

  • Septum is a wall located in the middle of nose in a straight position that divides our air passage in two. If septum is deviated or twisted, it is called deviated septum. Depending on its deviation, it is categorized as C type and S type and is often known to be accompanied by nasal congestion.

About 70% of patients in Korea
with nasal congestion have deviated septum

Even if your nose may appear to look straight from outside, if the symptoms such as rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal congestion is present, there is a chance of septum deviation. Therefore precise and thorough tests must be conducted.

Symptoms of deviated septum

  • The air passage in normal nose is broad, but if septum is deviated, the airflow will not be smooth. It may then cause nasal congestion on the narrowed side of nose or cause nasal congestion on the right and left sides alternately. Nasal Congestion also occurs especially on the side of the nose where you are lying on to sleep.

  • Symptoms caused by
    nasal congestion due to deviated septum

    If nasal congestion persists, the nasal septum continuously pressures the mucous membrane in the nose and this stimulates the nerves, causing migraine and sore throat. It also causes mouth breathing which then induces sleep apnea as well as smelly mouth. In severe cases, it could also lead to loss of memory and concentration that affects daily life.



GNG Nasal septum correction method

Minimum excision surgery method through GNG’s unique technical expertise

The area of septum where deviation occurred is diagnosed through
advanced 3D CT and nose endoscope,
and the ENT specialist analyzes the nasal septum carefully
to determine the overall surgical plan.

Surgery GNG minimum excision surgery
Minimum incision is made in the part
of septum where deviation occurred and is removed.

  • 1Deviated septum Is incised and removed

  • 3Septum is completely straightened

  • 2Septum is straightened to the area
    where part of deviated septum was removed

CT images of corrected septum deviation through GNG Septoplasty minimum excision method

Advantage of
GNG Nasal Septum Correction

Point 1 Minimize side effects by minimizing nasal septum excision

As nasal septum is structurally acting as a nose pillar, the risk of side effects increases if standard surgery method is applied in which a lot more septum is removed.

Point 2 How to prevent from the risk of recurrence

There is a possibility of the recurrence of the curved nasal septum because of its tendency to regression.

At GNG Hospital,

3D-CT for Pre-Operation Examination, Nose Electronic Endoscope, and through Pre-Diagnosis are carried out based on a specialist’s knowledge

ENT specialists with more than 10 years of experience resect and suture only the optimized parts for each customer

If necessary, Implant will be transplanted to be firmly fixed

Therefore, the possibility of the recurrence is markedly low.

The materials that will be used for the transplant for GNG Curved Nasal Septum

Point 3 If nasal valve is narrowed, nasal valve reconstruction is carried out together

If nasal valve is narrowed, it is difficult to improve nasal obstruction simply by removing the septum cartilage. Nasal valve, which acts as the roof of the nose must be corrected too, to ensure broad and clear air passage. Such surgery is difficult for non ENT specialists, therefore patients have to be meticulous in choosing a hospital.

Point 4 Get nasal dysfunctional surgery+ rhinoplasty done at once!

At GNG, we can carry out both functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty procedure at once. Especially after deviated septum correction surgery, a certain amount of septum cartilage can be obtained and it is an ideal material to use for nose tip projection. Conducting functional+ aesthetic rhinoplasty in one go is considered a complex surgery, therefore it is important to get the operation done by trained specialist for maximized effect and satisfaction.

GNG Nasal Septum Correction Q&A

Q1How long would surgery take?

The surgery would take about 15~25 minutes, and you can also be discharged on the same day of surgery.

Q2I’m pressured with high cost needed for surgery

Depending on the type of insurance you have, you can be 80~90% covered.

Q3How much pain is expected after surgery?

You may feel uncomfortable after surgery, however in about a week you will be completely recovered and will be able to breathe through your nose.

Functional nose surgery, explained by the head doctor Yong-hae Song

Rhinoplasty is not a procedure just for the sake of beauty. The term ‘plastic surgery’ is perceived as procedure just for aesthetic purpose in Korea, however its true meaning is that rhinoplasty itself is a procedure that allows changes in the shape of the nose. With that being said, it can be conducted with the intend and aim for beauty, but also a way to solve nasal dysfunctional problem. As an ENT specialist, one of the most frequently asked questions I get from people is why “rhinoplasty is being practiced at otorhinolaryngology.” I assume that the reason why this question arises to many is because in our society, we believe all plastic surgeries must be carried out only in plastic surgery clinics.

However, functional rhinoplasty is a unique area of surgery in otolaryngology that cannot be mimicked by a general plastic surgeon, as it involves making the nasal congestion clear by correcting the inner structure of nose. It also goes without saying that the doctor must have a lot of experience in rhinoplasty to yield satisfying results.

When conducting nasal dysfunctional surgeries such as deviated septum, rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal valve obstruction and others that involve inner nasal structure correction, it may be necessary to correct outer structure of nose at the same time. At GNG Hospital, we call this functional rhinoplasty as we change inner and outer structure of nose to solve nasal congestion. During the procedure, we perform procedures for humped, crooked nose as well as standard rhinoplasty procedures to change the shape of nose according to individual’s choice.

On the other hand, in general otorhinolaryngology, most nasal obstruction cases are handled simply by performing septoplasty and sinus surgery. If narrow nasal valve is the root cause, functional surgeries alone wouldn’t correct nasal congestion.

Therefore, we are constantly trying to correct unreasonably spread misunderstandings and misinformation about nose congestion surgery so that patients can make better choices and have the option for safe operation.

Functional + Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

Where should I get my functional rhinoplasty done?

The Basic Principle of Functional Surgery (Nasal Congestion)

Functional + Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

GNG Hospital is the solution to
functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty!

Functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty surgeries don’t simply get resolved by joint surgery as each of these aspects of surgery is considered an advanced surgery technique.

GNG Hospital possesses advanced techniques in
both areas of rhinoplasty

Advanced techniques in all areas of rhinoplasty is required
to bring satisfactory results to both the inner and external structure of the nose.

GNG Hospital has vast experience in both surgeries

We have experience and prognosis based on vast clinical demonstration
in both in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty.

  • Get your surgery with reassurance!

    Positive pressure system equipped in all surgery rooms

    What is a positive pressure surgery room?

    It blocks out the air from the outside into the surgery room.

    Therefore, the contaminated germ isn’t able to come inside the surgery room. Accordingly, people can get their operations safely without any concern of viruses such as MERS, SARS and Covid-19.

    Additionally, the surgery room is equipped with a sterile air shower system at the entrance. GNG is continuously working hard to keep all instruments sterilized and making the cleanest environment for our patients!

    Don’t worry! It’s a germ-free zone, GNG’s surgery room!

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