In order to have a safe and successful surgery, we have patients undergo a full physical examination

GNG Safe Surgery
Full Physical Examination

ForPeople who are considering surgery at GNG Hospital

  • GNG Safe Surgery Full Physical Examination

    is more trustworthy
    due to a systematic examination

  • 01.

    Full examination
    consisting of 50 different categories 

    Both a basic and
    detailed examination
    will be conducted

  • 02.

    Results derived from
    a full analysis

    A university hospital level of
    medical infrastructure enabling
    a quick and accurate examination

  • 03.

    Consultation and safe surgery
    Based on results

    a safe operation environment
    at all phases of surgery

    Pre-Op Check Health
    of Patient

    During Usage of the HEPA filter ventilation system in all operating rooms, installation of the air shower system, and sterilization of all medical devices for thorough infection control.

    Post-Op Recovery

A physical examination is
a MUST before surgery for safety.

Just like how a university hospital conducts tests before surgery
in order to prioritize safety, close examinations should be performed before plastic surgery as well

When performing general anesthesia or long surgical procedures

Full Physical Examination

Can check and analyze heart, lung, liver
and blood pressure closely


Simple Examination

Limits to checking
one’s actual health

The Uniqueness of
GNG’s Comprehensive Checkup

GNG has specialists and extensive infrastructure to conduct in-house checkups
When conducting facial contouring surgery, GNG also examines the density of the bone.

  • GNG’s

    Examination System

    Since GNG has a full in-house examination system, it allows for patients to get a comprehensive physical exam before surgery without the complications of moving elsewhere.

  • Has X-Ray and 3D-CT

    technology of University Level

    Specialists, Nurses, Medical Technologists

    Radiologists are all in-house.

GNG sets a new standard
for pre-operation examinations.

the Best Results


Provide Specialized
Medical Service

“Before surgery, comprehensive examinations for safety is not a choice, but a necessity.”

  • Safety first

    By prioritizing safety at GNG through a thorough comprehensive examination system, GNG will work to become the industry standard bearer alleviate fear in patients and make a safe environment without any safety accidents.

  • Getting the Best Results

    Surgery predicated on safety can produce the best results. By taking the patients pre-surgery conditions intro account through comprehensive examination, we will do our best to produce satisfactory results.

  • Provide Specialized Medical Service

    Not only does GNG have cutting edge technology, but we have university hospital level medical facilities and infrastructure for safety. This sets up an environment where the patient can feel comfortable knowing that the medical staff’s expertise and cutting edge technology will keep them safe.