GNG’s 50 Tests for a Safe Surgery

Comprehensive Exam Procedure

  • Before Examination

    In order to ensure a safe surgery, one reserves a date before the surgery to get a Comprehensive Physical Examination.

  • Fill Out
    a Questionnaire

    This helps us know the patient’s past medical records and overall state of health at the moment.

  • Examination Before Consultation

    Before the initial consultation X-Rays and 3D CT scans are among the examinations that can be done.

  • Reserve
    a Date

    Depending on the time of the surgery, one may have their examination done the day they decide to go ahead with the surgery.

  • Day of Examination

    50 different categories are examined with maximum efficiency.

  • Register for

    Arrive at the hospital and register.

  • Change

    Some tests require that the patient change clothes. Tests may differ depending on gender and age.

  • Conduct Comprehensive Physical Exam.

    50 tests that include basic measurements, cardio tests etc. are conducted in a due sequence.

  • Ater

    Based on the examination results, we make sure that everyone can safely undergo surgery in a trustworthy environment

  • Check the Results

    The results come out within a week and additional tests or a reexamination may be recommended.

  • Prepare for Surgery

    GNG prepares for surgery based on the results of the test to ensure a safe surgery.

  • Conduct a Safe Surgery

    We conduct a safe surgery that everybody can be confident and feel safe about.

  • Before the Examination

    Must avoid drinking alcohol.

    Stop taking any medication for at least 2-3 days before examination
    ((Discuss with doctor in case of high blood pressure or diabetes)

    Exhaustion and Overeating can hinder accurate results.

    Avoid having the examination if you are on your menstrual cycle or are pregnant.

  • The Day of the Examination

    Breakfast, smoking, gum, and water are all prohibited.

    Glasses and contact lens are allowed.

    If possible leave your valuables at home.