Deviated Nose Rhinoplasty

Personalized surgery plan based on the degree of nose crookedness!
Fastened strongly to prevent recurrence of crookedness

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What is GNG Deviated Nose Rhinoplasty?

  • Crooked nose can be congenital or aftermath of an injury. It is commonly accompanied by septum deviation that causes nasal congestion, which then could lead to other sicknesses such as rhinitis, sinusitis and migraine. If fractured nasal bone is left untreated, this can lead to nose becoming crooked. The septum will then be deviated and cause nasal congestion. To correct this, complex and delicate surgery will need to be conducted, which is why the professional skill and experience of specialist is required.

    GNG Deviated Nose Rhinoplasty corrects the function of the nose at the same time rhinoplasty is performed and also conduct surgery based on the degree of nose crookedness. Cartilage is also repositioned and firmly fastened to prevent recurrence.

    cause congenital or aftermath of an injury

    symptom nasal congestion, rhinitis, sinusitis, deviated septum

Advantage of
GNG Deviated Nose Rhinoplasty

Point 1 Different correction and fastening of nasal parts and bridge depending on degree of crookedness!

GNG osteotomy improves inner function of nose by using one of the three procedure methods depending on individual’s nose crookedness.
The nasal bridge is then fastened firmly to prevent recurrence.

Point 2 99% of crooked nose is accompanied by deviated septum,
GNG corrects septum deviation at the same time!

  • Most crooked nose is accompanied by deviated septum,
    and leaving this untreated will cause nasal congestion which may lead to other sicknesses such as rhinitis and sinusitis.
    Deviated septum should be precisely diagnosed
    and corrected before surgery.

  • Septum deviation Click for more

Point 3 Outer/inner nose is double protected from
post operation to full recovery!

For the health of nose after rhinoplasty and prevention of recurrence, GNG hospital protects and keeps nose in shape inside and out.

  • Internal cast to protect
    inner structure of nose

    Firmly fixes inner structure of nose to prevent recurrence

    Blocks area that are prone to cause blood clots and prevents inflammation

    Made of material that is verified safe for use

  • Outer cast to protect outer structure of nose

    Customized to shape of individual nose

    Made of material used at orthopedic. It is more solid than splint and protects against shock

    Free from worry of skin trouble or inflammation as it is well ventilated

Do you wish to correct crooked nose and deviated septum,
but also improve nasal bridge and tip at the same time?!

GNG Thorough Physical Examination

For patient’s safety and accurate surgery plan, we perform precise body examination including nasal endoscopy, X-ray and 3D CT Scan.

GNG Deviated Nose Rhinoplasty Recommended CASE

1 Your nasal bone is
crooked due to injury

2 Crooked nose causes
severe nasal congestion
and migraine

3 Cooked nose makes the face
look on-proportional

4 You wish to correct functional
and aesthetic aspect of your nose