Stem Cell Fat Graft

Higher engraftment rate and longer lasting effect
as stem cell and PRP are injected together

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What is Stem Cell Fat Graft?

In contrast to the conventional fat graft procedure in which there is high absorption and engraftment rate of fat, GNG Stem Cell Fat Graft combines stem cells and PRP together with healthy fat to increase the engraftment rate as well as the lasting period. We find a beautiful face line that fits face shape for individual and create more volume in the face to make you look younger and more attractive.

The Principle Behind Stem cell Fat Graft

  • 1 Step

  • Fat Extraction

    Extracts fat from thighs or stomach because of a higher engraftment rate.

  • 2 Step

  • Combine Pure Fat and Stem cell Fat Graft and PRP

    Pure Fat

    In order to extract pure fat, GNG separates the fat not once but twice.


    GNG extracts the growth factors from ones blood and adds it with ones pure fat.

    The Growth factors temporarily induce tissue regeneration.

    It helps it maintain its state long term

  • 3 Step

  • Fat Graft

    • Pure Fat + Stem cell Fat Graft + PRP

      When Injecting Injected Fat After Combining Both

      Using a micro cannula, we inject it closely together and layered so it doesn’t overlap.

      Bumpy skin side effects X

      Chance of fat lumping up X

GNG Stem cell Fat Graft Strengths

High Engraftment rate, Lasts longer.

Since we use stem cells with grafting as opposed to a standard fat graft it has a higher engraftment rate.
Also, in order to increase the engraftment rate, we also use oxygen treatment post-operation.

During Surgery

Due to the fact that our procedure has a higher engraftment rate compared to standard fat graft procedures,
one can reap the benefits of a longer-lasting graft that enhances the line and shape of the face.

High Pressure
Oxygen Treatment

In order to increase the engraftment rate, we conduct oxygen treatment post operation.
Since the oxygen helps the body’s overall balance and blood circulation, it increases the engraftment rate.

Treatments that go along well with Stem cell Fat Grafting